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[TOOL] Edit boot.img

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Hey. I've modded the old kitchen that rickywyatt posted here before (thank you). This one works and doesn't require any external program.

Install instructions:

All you need is to unzip the file to a folder and you are ready to go!

How to use:

* Place your boot.img in the same folder as you extracted the kitchen (windows or linux folder)

* Open "start" or run "start.sh" and it should start the program.

Just follow what you see on screen:


Run "start.bat"

* Press 1 to decompile the boot.img

* replace the ramdisk.gz (if you want)

* replace the kernel (if you want)

* Press 2 and it will compile the boot.img again!


open your terminal and do ./start.sh

* Press 1 to decompile the boot.img

* Press 2 to compile the ramdisk from the ramdisk folder or ramdisk.gz

* Press 3 to create an update.zip with the boot.img

you can press ctrl+c everytime to stop the script


Version 2.0 Size: 1,71 MB | md5:e1ae1f5f80a16ec5d71b56f598f9ee3b


v2.0 (31/05/2011)

-Added 32bit linux support

-Removed possibility to edit ramdisk on windows

v1.1 (29/05/2011)

-Replaced 7z with cpio

-It's now 32 and 64bit compatible

v1 (27/05/2011)

-Initial version

Screenshot attached.

Enjoy :D



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When I ran first it was good.

After I unpack & repack without change anything & old &new image are not same.

Same as Ricky kitchen.

Before every running I delete all files & folder.



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I tried with 4 different boot.img's and the created boot.img is exactly the same size and content has the original... I can't reproduce your problem

are you using windows vista/7 and running this as admin? Maybe you have some security software that is deleting a file that he thinks it's malware... i don't know...

edit: you can't edit the ramdisk on windows. If you do that you currupt one system link (windows doesn't support that). i've edited the 1st post.

Edited by TigTex

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Updated the program. You can't edit ramdisk on windows... you can only list his content because windows doesn't suport systemlinks.

Also added a linux version. Enjoy

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Super thanks! With your tool I finally changed my logo.bmp directly on the boot image. But on my Ubuntu 10.10, it's doesn't function. I did unpack and used manually. (Sorry by my english, I'm brazillian). One more time, thanks!

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