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how to unroot the desire not carrier locked

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ok i have recently rooted my htc desire using unrevoked 3. i backed up the sense rom and flashed cyanogen 7.0.3. now i would like help fo when i ever need to get back to stock rom UNROOTED form. how do i go about doing that. i have a few ideas which i will not try out cause i am unsure and have a long way to go before i upgrade my package in january.

1. i understand i need to get RUU from htc with froyo(which i have from last time i upgraded with my carrier)

2. i also understand i need a goldcard ( my desire is not carrier locked. does this mean i wont have to create a goldcard * whatever that is * )

3. i also know i need to download htc sync

is this about all there is to it?

my other question is: to unlock using the RUU do i need to back up to my sense rom? or can i install or flash the RUU from htc without having to back up my sense rom. meaning can i just install RUU while running cyanogen 7?


as awesome as 2.3.3 is and as cool as it is to have a lot of apps, i fear that i am missing htc sense , i miss having google maps i miss fm radio without having to run the battery eating bluetooth. as soon as htc pushes updates in south africa i would like to unroot so i can get the updates too.


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Who's your carrier? Just find their latest RUU and use that, no need for a gold card

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Just as an aside. Why are you missing Google maps? If you are using cm7 then did you forget to load Google apps? And if you want to go back to sense then you don't need to unroot. Just load a rom with sense (although this won't give you carrier released updates)

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