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Openvpn on metalounay 1.2 (or any other rom)

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Hello my friends...

I really love and need openvpn client on my Acer Liquid Metal.

I use happily metalounay 1.2 and I'd like to install openvpn without messing my phone.

I have all my certificates, configuration files and tun.ko on my SD:


I already have onboard openvpn binary thanks metalounay 1.2 but it doesn't work: in terminal, digiting openvpn it says 'cannot link executable'. So I thought to install openvpn using openvpn installer on the market.

When I start it it detects openvpn binary but I keep on going. Then it asks me for correct paths to install. How can I be sure not to enter wrong information?

Thank you so much for all your work (specially Vache) :D

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