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Vodafone 945 Rom 2.1 Edit Blue v1 / Red v2

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Vodafone 945 blue

Download : http://www.dosya.tc/indirr/WelnxE/vf945_up...iginal.zip.html


Rum is made on the original edit.

Luncher (ex Luncher go, setting the missed call, unread message counter and timer, if you open an e-mail numbers you see on the screen)

guide was changed (which number in the search screen, which is an hour of talk time seems Did)

the theme was changed. (blue theme)

application is added to Winamp music instead. (music sound better than Winamp is unnecessary.)

Added parlingo. (msn, facebook, icq to chat)

Added rockplayer (video player)

The most recent version of facebook application

Added youtube application.

fancy widgets (weather, time, application) was added.

pro office suites have been added.

Advanced Task Manager has been added.

current market practice (had the blue theme, but did not)

Changed Boot Animation (I forgot to add)

Vodafone 945 v2 rEd

download : http://hotfile.com/dl/118390990/e0fab4e/vf...iginal.zip.html


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i tried that. Black(with blue) is better than version red but it has problem on clock color. So u should install Red version. Both of them Orginal Rom :D

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hey sessiz cocuk

i am having a problem here i tried installing v2 red but in between the phone got stuck after backup now the phone starts and ends up on the screen saying android doesn`t go ahead...

when go into recovery mode it goes to ftm screen i tried fastboot method but in vain it doesn`t get detected basically my phone is dead .....

please help... is there any other way i can revive my phone

thanks a lot in advance...

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