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Stuck in flight mode

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I got my Galaxy S II about 3 days ago and love it. Apart from some annoyances (I'm looking at you Touchwiz) no problems... installed Launcherpro and here we go

Today I woke up and bam. Flight mode.

Factory reset

Wipe USB storage and SD card

Wipe cache from recovery (stock recovery)

No change.

So now I have a very fancy Samsung Galaxy II Player. I called tech support and they asked me to try another sim (which I had done) then told me to clear the cache (which I had done) blah blah... then they ended up telling me to send it back to Amazon as faulty.

Great, just great.

Anyone else had this problem?

Also something bizarre is that even with a full wipe (factory reset, sd, usb, cache) the lock screen comes on with a pattern unlock but I only have to press one of the dots to get past it. Weird.

I'm looking for an update.zip file that I can flash using stock recovery to try and actually 'fully' overwrite whatever the hell is going on with my software. Does anybody know where I can find one?

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Very odd... I had a similar issue, but not quite as bad. I turned flight mode on and when I went to take it off it didn't work. I ended up rebooting and it still had flight mode on, but I was able to switch it off in settings.

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I have similar issue too. My phone have lost signal (air plane mode) serval times in last 10 min. I change sim card and do a factory reset but again same story. Im going crazy...

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I've had to return the phone to Amazon. The new one seems ok.

The new one has done exactly the same. That's enough Samsung phones for me.

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