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hello ,

i have a very odd problem

i'm using handset and GoContact as my default messaging and phone book apps

the thing is when i close my phone ( switch off and on again ) and try to open my message icon or my phone book , it asks me again

what app i want to use as my default app for that task ! ( though i have already set it as a default app before the phone closes )

also after i close my phone and switch it on again ,, some widgets display as an error ( problem loading the widget )

even if i wanted to close it and start it again i can't find it on the new widget function

( this is happens with all task killers Apps ! also some other calendar apps ... )

any idea what is happening ?! :D

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Am I right in thinking you are using a Task Killer? If so try un-installing to see if that helps.

Which firmware are you using? is it the latest? If not try updating!

Have you tried a factory reset? If not may help.

Good Luck :D

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well hard reset did the job !

still i wana ask some thing , are task killer apps useless ?

is there any way to get better performance and longer battery life ?

Excellent glad its sorted :D

As for Task Killers, I was always told not to use them an any Android version higher than 2.1 as sometimes they can have an adverse effect and actually drain the battery quicker.

Have you tried Juice Defender, that may help :D

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