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tomsmod_v2.2.0 - Android 2.3.4

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Very important !!!

1. You have to be on the latest GingerBread leak bin.

You can find it here : http://localhostr.com/file/smkmP3q/Acer_Li...00_AAP-GEN2.zip

You have to use this version of Acer Download Tools to flash it : http://bit.ly/kH5C0C (ADT_Edit By Ma).

2. You will need an updated version of the recovery for that bin to flash the ROM. V2.0 : http://bit.ly/kEbL7F

tomsmod - ROM


Update 2.2.0:

- Based on Acer_LiquidMT_3.019.00_EMEA-GEN1

- default Kernel, Android 2.3.4

- root

- ADW Launcher installed as a single launcher

- New FM radio app

- new gmail app

- Maps, Market, Flash Player latest versions

- It is only the original keyboard Android 2.3 installed

- Fixed a few minor bugs

- Preinstalled Apps in data/app (can always be uninstalled)

Download here: tomsmod_v2.2.0

HowTo Install:

- start in Recovery Mode (use only RecoveryMT 2.0)

- make Nandroid BackUp

- Wipe AllData

- flash tomsmod_v2.2.0_signed

- Restart

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We dont have gingerbread kernel source, so every 2.3.3 & 2.3.4 is running with no OC at 800Mhz..

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