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Sujit Mohanty

Strange GT540 problem

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I recently found the phone numbers in contacts being displayed like 123-456-789. Previously it was being displayed without "-". I tried to change the locale & regional settings but it didn't work ! Why is it so ? Now After I factory resetted the phone & selected locale & English (US), though this problem got sorted out. I am facing two new problems. My Android market does not update itself !!!!!!!!! & the progress of the ongoing downloads does not show/appears blank. I am very worried. plzz tell me what to do !! i am using stock 2.1 V20c (India) ROM in my rooted gt540. Previously I never had any issues with my phone. Plzz help it's urgent. I have tried to master reset my phn 5 times hoping the problem wud get solved but it didn't.

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