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Poor Pandora quality on Streakdroid but not Stock

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I've tried stock 2.2.2 as well as Streakdroid 1.9 and the audio quality on Pandora is very different between the two. On the Streakdroid, even with the audio quality set to high in the Pandora menu, it sounds really bad. I went back to Dell stock 2.2.2 and it sounds very good, comparable to the FM stereo in my late model car, when I plug the Streak into the aux port. Anyone else seeing this? I'd like to run Streakdroid but I'm a daily Pandora user so that's a deal breaker for me.

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@ jackgt,

i have the same problem i am a daily pandora user and reverted back to stock for the poor audio quality. then as stubborn as i am i googled the problem and found it to be a string into the build.prop file in under system folder:

note: you need to be rooted for this to work:

download root explorer or similar and go to the /system directory and find the build.prop file and open it with buit in text editor (change the properties to r/w)

scroll down the file about mid half and find the string:

media.stagefright.enable-player= true

change it to

media.stagefright.enable-player = false

save and reboot

credit to this great fix to cnunez1987

original post:


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