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Constantly restarting phone...

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I've installed SwiftDroid 2.0 M6 a few days before, everything was fine (except some call bugs, but that doesn't matter right now). Yesterday i noticed, that the phone charging was stuck at 40%. This morning it went out of battery, and won't turn on again. When it runs on battery alone, doesn't react to power button, or any key-combination.

I've tried to connect it to the charger: it vibrates, LG logo shows up for a second, then it shuts itself down, and on again... the same thing happened with fastboot and download mode.

When on charger without battery in the phone, then it vibrates only, then restarts.

I hope it's some sort of a firmware problem. (but i'm afraid it's hardware...)

So what i'd like to ask:

What could be it's problem?

How can it be solved?

Is the GT540 normally able to run while connected to charger and the battery is taken out?

Thanks for your help!

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