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A quick specs poll...

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I have one of the chinese android tablets called the Herotab C8 (or Dropad A8, or Haipad M7, etc).

It's a 1.0Ghz Cortex A8 Samsung S5PV210 SoC (Like in the Galaxy S/Tab), 7" capacitive touchscreen @ 800x480, 512MB RAM, with some small amount of NAND (128-256MB) and two SD cards, internal (usually at 4GB) and external.

It has mini HDMI and USB (including OTG) support, aside from that.

I bought it for the same amount that AndyPad are publishing.

What can AndyPad improve on that? Screen res is really the biggest downer (1024x768 would be great), And possibly GPS or BT chips.

I'd really love to see source code for the kernel etc given as well, To allow modifications, of course.

All in all, Somewhat promising ;)

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I wouldn't buy it without GPS (external bluetooth or whatever is not an option).

(Only reason I can think for using a tablet is big screen offline mapping).

Capacitive is a must but ram less so really (Only got the single use case for a tablet).

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If this thing has 512mb of RAM and a Capacitive screen, I will most likely be buying one for my daughter. Without these, unfortunately it falls short. The RAM isn't as important, but the screen is essential IMO.


Snap, I.m happy with my Vega but kids want tablets for Xmas and this looks tempting

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I own a Vega and seems to have a battery fault, when it gets around 60% and I switch it off, Then when I switch it back on and the battery has dropped from 60% down to 23% while switched off.

Does anybody know if the AndyPad is Adobe flash compatible?

Might get one if it is. It sounds more future proof than the Vega.

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