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Do wifi and bluetooth work well together?

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I've had an Acer Metal for a few months now and it seems that whenever I have wifi and bluetooth on together they both start to disintegrate as if there is some sort of conflict.

I am using my bluetooth headphones with a2dp and streaming music through my wifi. Things are always skipping on me. So I tried to play music through the devices speaker and wifi and it works perfeclty. I've also tried to listen to mp3's with just the bluetooth headphones enabled and it works perfectly.

Does anyone know if there is a conflict with where they may have put the radio receivers on the phone? Has anyone else had these problems or know of anyway to fix this.

I am using the stock rom that came with Rogers Acer Metal. I was hoping to wait for the official update from Rogers but who knows when it will be released. I think it's been close to 6 weeks since the rumors were spreading that it would only be 6 weeks.

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Make sure you're using Bluetooth Versions above 2.0

1.x were interfering with 2,4Ghz WiFi, nowadays Bluetooth uses a slightly different channel-switching algorithm, so it can exist next to WiFi.

Our Metal can handle Bluetooth up to 3.0 (if I'm right)

I suggest to try another headset.

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