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GSM Tab internal memory

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Hi I have been flashing roms all day to day for my GSM samsung galaxy tab. That part is all well and good. The problem i have is that when i go onto storage settings it says i only have 2 gb internal memory when it should be 16 shouldn't it? :/

I have checked that it is a gsm model and it is

I have knowlage on how to use Odin and CWM

Any help would be greatly appreciated !!!

Thanks in advance!!!

UPDATE: To solve this I headed over to Overcome's rom page and followed his instructions to "Re-stock" my tablet

Head over here and follow his instructions!! http://overcome.mimzo.com/


Here is a screen shot of my storage settings


I hope this helps!

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Isnt the cwm partition size user definable.i cant recall with mine just throw.ing it out there

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