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cm7.0.0 on the pulse mini?

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Based on Tas0o, Anryl CM7 Rom and CM7 Gingerman V4 by Dev Team.

Thanks for their work.

Kernel:2.6.29 by Anryl

Jit enabled

Android : 2.3.3 / CM7.0.0



* Audio

* Bluetooth

* Wi-Fi

* Key lights

* Sensors

* D-pad

* OC Kernel (122-748MHZ)

* SDCard mount via notification bar

* Fixed GPS

* Fixed AGPS

* Fixed layout in usb mass storage screen & dialer

* Fixed Framework

* YouTube fixed

* Better screen adjustment

* Camera Fixed

* Video recording Fixed

Bugs/Not working/TODO:

* Missing FM

* Screen calibration support

* there is some lagg after some app are closed

still reading, it says u8120 but this will work on u8110 yes?

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