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handset speaker not working

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The earphone/handset speaker on my dell streak is not working. it was working fine till 2 days ago while in the middle of the call i couldnt hear anything. I thought it was the network that was down. Rebooted the phone and all and still no go.

Handsfree and Bluetooth works fine i cant hear anything from the inbuilt speaker on top of the phone. I even connected the original wired headset and that works fine. Wondering if anyone faced the same issue and how did they go about fixing it?

Can i diagnose it further some way or is it toasted and i have to replace the speaker? Anyone got a link where i can order the part from? I am in Middle east and got the Dell from London. Will be a hassle if i have to send it to UK to get it fixed.


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This also happened to me. I am going to call DELL and see if they will replace my Streak.

I also have a question. I installed Streakdroid and then went back to Froyo 2.2.2 Stock 360. Is this fine to return to DELL or should I flash another one? (if so which one?)

Thanks in advance.

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Had the same problem...earpiece speaker not working...it seems that the earphone jack socket had slightly moved & not making good contact. Used a jewelers screwdriver to shift it back & now not a prob...:)

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