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[GUIDE]how to open galaxy s2 DLNA fuction via skifta

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From specification of Samsung Galaxy S 2, we know it supports DLNA function, and built-in AllShare application for this. But it can not works well. So I have to installed skifta application to replace AllShare. But fortunately the operation and implementation principles of the two apps are the same. After several attempts, I can skillfully use its DLNA function. Now just follow the step-to-step guide on how to use DLNA function to share picture, music and movies with your family, friends or colleague.

Step 1, Open your Samsung Galaxy S 2 and click on “Setting” in the lower right corner of the screen.


Step 2, Choose “Wireless and network” to enter the setting interface.


Step 3, Choose “Wi-Fi Settings” and you can enter Wi-Fi setting interface. Just check “Wi-Fi” and select Wi-Fi networks. Here you need to ensure that all DLNA-capable devices you want must be in one WiFi digital network. If necessary, entering a pass word for the network is needed.



Use skifta app to control and play videos, music or picture

Step 1, Click on ” Skifta” to run this program.



Step 2, Click on “Choose a media source” to select media source from the lists.


Step 3, Once the media source is selected, you could choose a player.




Step 4, click on “Browse and play media” to share photos, music or videos you want.



Now can Use DLNA Function of Samsung Galaxy S 2 can greatly help you share photos, music and videos with your family, friends or colleague.

source: XDA.

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