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Stock T-mobile UK roms for LG P500

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Stock T-mobile UK V10d for LG P500 here http://www.multiupload.com/CG3U4974T8

can be flashed with the flasher in the clockwork recovery thread http://www.multiupload.com/HDGTKQVEW6

- Browse to the folder where you unpacked the ZIP and run LGMDP-v1.5.exe

- Click Download in menu

- Select Port

- Choose your phone, click Connect

- Click Image Folder button, browse to the directory where you unpacked this

- Click OK about 3 times on the warnings

- Close the window

- Click Download button

- Let it do the job. It will backup your IMEI and MACs to .NV2 file, reboot your phone, flash recovery and restore the NV2 backup. Do NOT interrupt it or disconnect your phone until it says "Download complete"! Do NOT delete the NV2 backup!

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