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helpputting phone back to original rom please :)

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Hi, and thanks in advance for anyone who can help.

I have a desire hd phone, witch I love anyways I had it rooted a few months ago by a local phone shop, but I didn’t really see the benefit from it, in fact it caused problems so I performed a full factory reset within a few days, and thought that was the end of it.

Anyways my phone received the option to update to the 2.3 gingerbread on Monday, it downloads fine, and then when the install starts it freezes at about 20% of the way thorough.

I have contacted HTC several times about it, they say the phone will not update if it’s been rooted and I have to send it back to them to have it re-flashed, one person said it would cost £30, another said £200 so I would rather not send it to them. the last guy I spoke to was very helpful, he said it was possible for me to reflash the phone to its original ''shipped'' state, and if I joined a help forum I could possibly get some help, but he was unable to advise me on this., so here I am!!!

I received the phone new in January and it has had no updates until the one on Moday, and it was rooted using visionary a few months ago, I have performed several factory restores since then.

I have been getting help elswhere and have maaged to root my phone myself, will this help solve the problem??

Current software is:

android version 2.2

baseband version 12.28b.60.140eU_26.03.02.26_m

build number 1.37.771.3 CL290190

software number 1.37.771.3

im in the uk, and on the 3 network

Many thanks,


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Have you tried flashing a more recent stock RUU, like the Gingerbread one?

Download it from here, run the executable with the phone connected to a PC (USB cable) and follow the instructions as prompted.

Be warned that this process will wipe all your personal information from the phone and you will also loose root access, so make sure you backup all your critical data first.

If successful, the RUU will update your phone's firmware to the stock Gingerbread 2.36.405.8 release and then you can choose to accept any OTA updates when they're available.

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