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CM7 about to be released for Galaxy s2?

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added Samsung Galaxy S II (galaxys2) - http://review.cyanogenmod.com/6397

Does this change mean that CM7 is ready?

Yes and no. http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=1112916

Yes it's ready in that you can install it, and many who have already flashed it are really excited and happy about the way it performs, they all say how fast it is.

But it's not ready by a long shot so far as having it fully optimised and fixing the many bugs people are discovering. It 's in 'pre nightlies' and the devs have assured that this is nowhere near the final version that they envisage CM7 will be when finally done. The devs are recommending not to use it as your daily ROM yet. Depends on if you're prepared to sacrifice some features for the time being. I'm sticking with my stock SGS2 + launcher pro, at least everything works! smile.gif

Reported bugs I can remember are no bluetooth, HD video recording (some have got it working), some people are reporting the phone getting hot, no FM radio, no tv out, haptic feedback issue.

weaker phone signal, distorted audio output, no screen capture - you have to add some screen capture APK, auto display luminosity buggy, can't switch keyboards, compass facing wrong way.

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Yeah this is a pre release to kick off the nightlies. Worth checking out for the curiosity value but not finished.

I have to say I am excited about the prospect of CM7 for the SGS2. Not least as I bet it means CM8 will be with us long before Samsung release an official Ice Cream Sandwich rom for us!

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