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Html Tiger

Swedish/Portuguese Spring White Theme

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I have modified this theme from Portuguese Spring Black theme, so thanks to them.

You may find bugs as this is my first mod.


  • Battery percentages
  • Notification Power Widget/Statusbar Power Control
  • Reboot and Recovery in Power menu
    Works with
    • Swedish Spring RLS5
    • Portuguese Spring RLS4

No data wipe is needed but you may have to clear dalvik cache on Portuguese Spring to clear icon cache.

Notification buttons can be configured from PS icon in your "Application drawer"

As always backup your data before you test. You may flash original rom .zip to revert to default.

The file can be flashed with clockworkmod 3.


Download (mediafire)



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Great work :) .

It would be nice to see you using darker themes like this one.

thanks for your work ;) !


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Thanks for this HTML_Tiger

+1 for darker themes - either of the Desire themes needed here! ;)

Mobile Data switching doesn't work for me :( - which was the same with widgetsoid.

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I was about to flash back to FLB from SS as there was no notification bar power widget, but then I saw this!!

Well done, all toggles seem to work for me, WiFi takes a little longer to toggle but it's worth it.

I also like the theme and crisp icons. Why's everyone after the dark themes? I much prefer this.

What's the chances of adding a button on the widget to activate transparent proxy? I'm using TransProxy 3.08 beta and it's a pain to have to go from browser to app then back to browser to get on the WiFi at work.

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