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M Brouns

Ongoing freezes

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Hi all,

Have tried many, many ROMs lately: RCMix, Leedroid, AlexV, Cool X, Cool Sensation v6 (latest) but with all these socalled mixed ROMs that contain GB with Sense 2.1 + 3.0 I experience freezes. Most oftenly when I either end a call or when my phone has been on the charger for quite some time.

Is it the phone? No

Why am I sure? When I unroot the whole ROM, it ll runs vary stable. Trouble start

What I did sofar:

- Use alpharev to get me on Stock Boot, also tried CM7r2 combined these with various ROMs

- Repartion, align to Ext4 (also without that staying on Ext3), wipe, wipe again, flash any of the mentioned ROMs

- I have reinstalled apps with Titanium but to make sure this was not the cause, also tried this manually

- Checked SD card by repartitioning it to Fat32 only and then using write/read tools to check every memort block of my SD card.

- Tried putting the CPU governor to "on demand" as some people tend to think that this causes instability

- Tried disabling app caching to Ext partition (efftively downgrading from A2SD+ to A2SD)

It seems I have but one option, and that is to go back to unrooted version.

hope some of you may have a hunch what I can try out more.... Anyone?

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