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Windows Media Center / AllShare DLNA app

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Hi guys,

since i run HTPC with Windows Media Center on Windows 7 64-bit i was wondering how it works with Samsung's AllShare app. After setting up media streaming and sharing on Windows 7 and starting AllShare i see in all media categories in WMC under Shared tab my mobile device and i can browse media saved in SGS2. It works perfect for video files and music. When i choose Pictures i see thumbnails of pictures from SGS2, but if i choose some particular picture and want to display it i get message 'Unable to display picture.'. I can not start presentation of pictures too. There are normal JPEG pictures in SGS2 taken with camera...

Maybe it is problem of WMC, because when i choose 'push' type of display in Windows Media Player (i choose file on SGS2 side) it works ok and Windows Media Player displays picture i choose in mobile device. On the other side, when i copy some picture from SGS2 to other computer in network with Windows 7 it can be displayed without problems smile.gif

I spent whole day looking for some solution how to display pictures directly in WMC, but without success so i appreciate any advice or at least answer 'Hey it works for me' so i know it is not problem of AllShare. Thanks.

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I have the SAME problem!

Using AllShare, I am successful in playing music and video stored on my phone into Windows Media Center (WMC) under the "Shared" menu option of the Video and Music Libraries. Even recordings in 1080p play flawlessly in WMC but when I try to view an individual picture, I get a blue screen that says "Unable to display picture." The thumbnails show up fine in the list view and I can view the individual pictures just fine within Windows Media Player as well. I even copied gif and png images to my phone and those image files types also give the same error. It's not a resolution issue either b/c the images vary from low res (2MP) to high res (8MP).

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