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Sujit Mohanty

Help ! Video Playback Error- on my Optimus One !!

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Guys I own a unrooted optimus one with stock firmware 2.2.2 My problem is after a few hours of usage.. the stock video player on my optimus one shows an error "the contents of this video cannot be played". It happens in some 524x384 videos and mostly in 640x360. At the same instance Mobo Player (hardware decoding) would also stutter and fail to play the file. After that If I restart my phone and run those videos all would play very smoothly (even media files above 1 GB & video files of 720x480). But after a gud 12-13 hrs of brief usage of my phone(mostly internet usage 7 few calls) again the error would show up ruining my video viewing experience. But videos in 320x240 would play ?

What is the reason for this error ? Any possible solution.

Note- I kept a minimal list of apps(5-6), used stock LG launcher, killed all tasks & cache files thinking it would solve the issue but the problem still persists !!

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