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Sujit Mohanty

Serious Signal strength issues on stock ROM :(

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Hi Guys !! I currently own an optimus one running on stock froyo 2.2.2 (unrooted). Quite a few times (including today) I noticed that the icon showing signal strength in the notification bar blinking. Whenever I return from my college to home via bus..I find the signal strngth changed to null. At college signal strength would be like( 3 out of 4 bars) but at home it stays at full strength. But the day I go to college and return home ..on the way i find my signal strength on the top most notification changing to null for 2 seconds & then returning to full..again going back to its previous state & returns full & again....(fluctuation takes place aft 2 seconds each). Even after I return home where signal strength is supposedly full...the problem does not vanish unless & until I restart the phone. after restarting it doesn't fluctuate anymore. Why does this happen & how to get rid of this ? Pls note- I am on Airtel 2G network with network mode- GSM only. As most Indian users know airtel network is superb !! & I too stay in the capital city of my state so there's no chance of poor signal. i think it's a hardware issue. what u guys say ?

1 more query- can someone provide me the download link to android 2.2 firmware for indian optimus one. I found all the download links to have got expired except for 2.2.2 (v10d). main reason to downgrade-to be able to run ndrive on my phone. pls note that ndrive doesn't work on other optimus one's which come with android 2.2.2 preinstalled.

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I don't have any ideas as to why you're getting signal problems, but I would've thought it was worth trying a 2.3.3 firmware with the new baseband. I don't know if 2.3 has been released in India yet, but there are a few roms available on XDA Developers if not, certainly some being used in India.

Again, with ndrive, I'd give it a try on a 2.3.3 rom. If you definitely want 2.2, it'll depend on your provider. As I understand it, these versions like V10d are provider-specific. So one provider's V10d might be 2.2, another might be 2.2.2. As yours is 2.2.2, you'll probably want to look for V10c, V10b, or V10a.

Try the instructions here. You might need to scroll down to the line that starts Someone sad that following worked, someone that not. Once you get a link to your latest firmware, try replacing the version with V10c, etc.

If you use clockwork to switch between 2.2 and 2.3, remember that you need to change the baseband or you'll get no signal.

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