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Enabling Fastboot on LG P500

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can be found here: http://www.multiupload.com/LOJOIWD7U0 (filesonic hates me so the link on xda-devs was useless)

instructions for enabling fastboot on your device. The key combo to enter fastboot mode is Home + Power.

Warning: if you do this running Mik's cm7 port you will not be able to restore nv

original instructions are here: http://forum.xda-dev...3&postcount=100

Start LGMDP 1.5 tool with the phone connected (you need to have USB drivers installed) and click on Select Port


A separate window should appear like the one below


Just click connect

Another window will take shape (LGE Mobile security) with lots of options (links)


Click on the first upper right Browse and select the folder in with you have unzipped the files. You will get some errors that some image, table or headers are missing. Just click OK and in the end everything that should remain selected is Partition Table, APPSBL Image Header and APPSBL Image.

Now just close the window (click on x)

Now you are back on the main window and here you'll have to click on Download


You are almost done and from now on everything should go on automatically.

NV Backup


Autorestart in Emergency\Download mode and upgrade the files



NV Restore (the last step) Do not disconnect the USB cable until the restore is done


Wait for the phone to restart in normal mode (your current rom).

That should be everything you need to do to get fastboot enabled.

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Alright Hec, what exactly is this and what does it do???? I've heard about it but.... :blink:

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