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Police monitored smartphone

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Hi Guys, I have converns lately that my phone is bugged from distance through the network and police uses my phone as a bug to record and transmit not phone talks but surrounding sounds by activating my phone microphone. I've got i900.

I know that this is possible and our police is using it, but I'm sure this can be detected somehow in winmo. Registry? I've checked startup, nothing suspicious there.

Why am I suspicious? I have Resco audio recorder on my phone that records all my calls, and while checking the files I always find some files that are actually not phone calls, but just a recording of the surrounding sounds. :-/

Thanks for your answer. Regards, P.

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I think there is no possibility to find something out on your device.

Afaik the police can monitor any phone without altering the actual device, but the network.

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