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Problem with a program

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Hi, I'm french so sorry for my English I go through a translator.<BR closure_uid_ckjp1e="9129" kd="null"><BR closure_uid_ckjp1e="9130" kd="null">I installed a ROM (even I did on several ROM's and I had the same problem with each) so my problem is this.<BR closure_uid_ckjp1e="9131" kd="null">It is a telephone company should be used a special connection that I have configured and it works very well logs ca. But you must install software "SAP" I install it as I normally install the official Windows but I ca I run makes me a message "The file can not be opened cream. Either It Is not bookmarked whith a trusted certificate, or one of ITS components can not be found. If the problem persists, try reinstalling or Restoring this file. "Do you have a solution I submit? Because I feel stuck.<BR closure_uid_ckjp1e="9132" kd="null"><BR closure_uid_ckjp1e="9133" kd="null">Thank you.

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