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Advent Vega internal USB hub and 3g mod.

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Nice, I like your thinking.

Having that idea :D.

I have covered the rear case with carbon fibre wrap and dont really want to ruin its smooth looks B) by removing the wrap off the sim cover so i think I may glue it to the top of the micro sd card slot on the motherboard. If I then remove a small amoumt of plastic from the bezel, just above the micro SD slot I can get to the sim card and it will be covered by the flap.

i have all the parts for this mod but not going to do it till ics gets 3g support.

i will be adding a sim card port to make it a bit more like the real thing,

i could then easily switch out the sim without having to take the thing apart every time

i'll use one of these and some vero board cut to fit where the origional board would have gone then wire the pins from the card port to the modem



P.S. I would get started now if I where you. The kernel thread has been a hive of activity in the last few days (comparatively) and a new release (android 4.0.4) possibly with working 3g is on the cards soon. Fingers crossed.

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