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OMC -In store now - from 70 on prepay

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Popped in to my local Orange shop before they closed today. The store had the Orange Monte Carlo pictured in promotional displays in the window. No models on display, but they had two in stock which had just come in.

I was told the pay-as-you-go price is £149.99 INCLUDING £10 top-up, which I realise isn't the same as everyone else is saying. But I got the impression the lady had only just started there, so she may have meant to say PLUS £10 top-up.

It's also available on contract at £20/month, which doesn't seem worthwhile - I saw a Wildfire S on 3 for that price in the press today...

As with the San Francisco, you can also get the phone cheaper if you pay in advance for your top-ups...

So you can get the phone for £119.99 + £60 pre-pay (£10 will be credited to your account every month for six months)

or £69.99 + £120 pre-pay (£10 every month for 12 months)

Hopefully someone else will be able to confirm that I've remembered these correctly :-)

With shopping, girlfriend and toddler in tow I didn't want to hang around to play with one, but I might go back on my own to see how massive it is, laggy it is or how good the screen is compared to my OLED San Fran...

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Yeah it's £149.99 plus £10 top up. Originally it was going to be £139.99 plus £20 to up so they've changed it slightly but still the same price.. naughty.

Nice deal if you buy top ups in advance. Ties you with Orange for 6/12 months but if you don't mind then it's a great deal.

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