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VLC Stream & Convert problem

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VLC 1.1.11 on Windows 7 Ultimate x64, configured the 2 VLC rules in my firewall to allow full acces on every TCP port

VLC Stream & Convert Pro 1.4.0, scanned with the default 8080 port and it found my computer's IP to connect with

Liquid E on LiquidNext 1.7.2 w/ default camera rollback

+ I can see the web interface in my phone's web browser.

+ I can browse my files from my phone.

+ I can use the remote function.

+ I can convert files to my phone.

- I can't stream any video or audio.

Video: It starts with "Cannot open *my ip*:5554" and ends with "Cannot play: Too many errors"

Audio: "Cannot open *my ip*:8080" => "Cannot play: Too many errors"

If anyone could help me?

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