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[Theme Chooser] Windows Phone 7 Theme

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Windows Phone 7 Theme Chooser Theme For CyanogenMod7

This is my Windows Phone 7 Theme For Theme Chooser...

It is entirely stable and usable. Nothing is broken...right now...

However, a few things are missing and I really need your feedback as to how I can try to improve this theme.

Link to apk file: http://www.multiupload.com/W6OE1YKTZU



If nothing much seems to be happening in this thread then please do check out the link in my SIg, which will take you to the XDA Post on this theme. Also go there if you want a bit more info.

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Multi-Rom or CM7 only ?

Try it on any ROM, it will not damage it but it will most likely only partially work, as it is based on Cm7

Give me feedback saying what does and doesnt work though.

I don't except you to get much out of it if you are using a froyo rom though, but its worth a try :P

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