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Cyanogen Mod for Hannspad

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I know Paul posted an image on twitter of the tablet running CM7 which I hope is available soon

but are you able to answer any of following

Are market purchases displayed in sterling or dollars

Can apps like facebook, dolphin hd (inc tab version) be found in market

Is the external memory card listed properly under settings

Can desktop images be applied properly without them going funny

I see the wifi light is working from the image I've seen so no need to ask about this

Will installing, just be same as coming from other roms - downloading to sdcard, reboot into CWM recovery, backup, wipe, install rom, wipe, reboot


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From what i gather reading messages between paul and rc, there are a lot of things that need fixing before answering this definitively.

There's a version you can download there but it's pointless until rc or paul can sort the kernel out.

edit: i'm interested in seeing quadrant scores on the CM kernel though

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Dolphin Pad Edition will not be listed in the Market because it requires Android 3.0+, and CM7 is 2.3

You could try to sideload it (if you get the apk from somewhere) but i dont think it would work

Are there Browsers aimed at the Dell Streak or the Galaxy tab 7" ?

They should work and will probably be better than the smartphone one

I'm really tempted to buy one for 170€ in Germany - ohhh price jumped upwards here, and only a weird shop hmmm - anyway what do you think of :

- The lower resolution

- 512MB RAM

- 3.x ROMs

compared to official 3.x Tablets like the Transformer

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Hope this cross-post isn't against the rules but we've managed to get CM7 working over at slatedroid: http://www.slatedroid.com/topic/21266-rom-cyanogenmod-71-alpha232-build/

ab73's kernel is a work in progress but everything is working with the exception of volume controls being backwards which is expected to be fixed tonight

Just linking this here since I'm assuming modaco users would like to be informed too ;)

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