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Professor Frink

Why I like the Monte Carlo

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I know that it's not screaming fast, doesn't run flash etc.

But it does have a huge screen which my increasingly presbyopic eyes can read a lot better. The SF screen was too small and just getting too blurry. It's not practical to have reading glasses handy when out and about.

Speed isn't everything. :blink:

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im using a custom rom pauls gr1 and home boost app works fine

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pros over the blade i have both

screen size quality great put alongside my sons desire hd seems as good if not better colours more deep

battery life 9hrs on standby still 100% larger capacity

uma or orange signal boost great addition good reason to keep the orange sim if you get bad reception at home http://help.orange.c...personal/446533

speaker very good quality blows the blades speaker out of the water

phone is a lot faster/smoother than reports suggest using pauls gr1 kitchen rom pauls media server app is nicebiggrin.gif

im glad i upgraded my blade cracked screen but still working fine (glad my screen cracked or else i wouldn't have bothered upgrading) don't play many games just satnav and apps so this should keep me going 12 months or so

1) my provari 2) my monte carlo 3) my wife number 2 may change in time

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