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Hecatae's P500 custom rom 14/08/2011

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  • stock gingerbread launcher
  • stock lg boot animation
  • stock gingerbread keyboard
  • vmheapsize 48m
  • all Google Apps removed apart from Google Search and Google Talk
  • self built kernel from the LGE source
    To come

    • A kitchen here on MoDaCo, with options to include Google Apps in build
    • An optimised kernel
    • all the LG widgets, LG Home, Lg Keyboard as optional extras
    • current build:

      http://www.multiupload.com/DTAJLHBKTD hecataehackedthunderg3.zip (79.79 MB)

      md5sum 5ac399123474e6d7adfa43d8d8d9d119


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Thanks for this. Updated to official 2.3.3 first as without gave me all sorts of FCs. Rooted official, installed Clockwork via ROM Manager then installed your ROM. Removed a few things I didn't want eg Car Home with Titanium Backup and flashed latest GMail, YouTube, Maps and Streetview via Clockwork also.

All running nicely.

Thanks again.

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things to do:

  • change mdp composition to gpu composition, just a line in build.prop but will make a difference
  • remove thinkoffice and find a simpler equivalent that does not require online activation, OI File Manager may do the job
  • add MoDaCo Reboot apk
  • remove CarHome from base build
  • update apn-conf.xml
  • remove shutdown animation

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Loving this ROM but want to get a bit more performance (for Angry Birds!!) out of the phone. Not played with any of the custom kernels to date - I see you are working on one but do you recommend any for compatibility currently or can I simply flash any of them?


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