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r8 install

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Read through this and see if it helps, this forum is littered with step-by-step guides.

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Hi There,

I found this guide to be excellent. I think this is what you are looking for.



Hiya, the above link is excellent, but in my opinion now with the Vega Tools 4 pack for windows, kinda makes that guide obsolete for those who get stuck with flash recovery modes and driver installs.

I put an easy write up to explain how to install a custom rom with vega tools and the steps to install the drivers.

1) Download Modaco R8 and copy this to your sdcard via your PC (connect the vega to PC, select on vega to turn on USB and then find the mounted sdcard on your pc and copy the R8 zip to the sdcard), once done, download Vega Tools 4 and install that onto your PC, then put your vega into debug mode, that's settings, applications, development and then select the top USB Debugging.

2) Run vega tools and look at bottom of screen and click install audi drivers.

3) Don't select anything and click next step at bottom of screen, then select Part B, deleted all installed drivers, once done, now select the the top option "i want to install modaco R8 in ADB mode"

4) Click next step and select Part C, Install correct driver, then select top option "just do it for me", this should install the correct ADB driver, if installed correctly the bar at bottom left of window which was red should now be green.

5) Once done close down the window and look on the vega tools window and see the clockwork recovery, tick the include recovery application and click the install button to install, once done, go to your apps page and look for recovery, run the app and it will reboot into Recovery option.

6) Now once recovery screen pops up, using volume down key tab down to the backup and restore (volume up moves tab up) and use the power button to select, now do a backup of your stock rom, once done, use the back button to go back and tab to wipe cache partition, select using power button and then tab to yes, once done tab to wipe data/factory reset, select, and tab to yes, once done tab down to advanced, select, and tab to wipe dalvik cache, select, and tab to yes, now back button to the main screen.

7) Now tab down to install zip from sdcard, select, and tab down to choose zip from sdcard, select and tab to the modaco R8 zip file on your sdcard and select, tab to yes and this should start the install of the new rom, once done, press back and select reboot the vega and you should have modaco R8 installed.

On another note, the backup you do of your stock rom with be reusable if you decide to install Corvus5 as all you do is run the recovery which is already installed on R8, Corvus5 and Vegacomb and restore your back up, follow the instructions from number 6 of above list, to install Vegacomb would be a different set of instructions and as it's still in test beta, i doubt you will be looking at that paticular rom.

Vega Tools 4 is great for installing custom boot screens, connect your powered on vega to the PC and on the vega select usb debugging (see above how to do this) then go to the boot animations tab in vega tools and select the one you want and install, that's it.

Also you can install the honeycomb theme to change the top status bar etc, download the honeycomb theme from this forum and copy the zipped item to your sdcard, run the recovery app from your apps and then tab to install zip from sdcard, then tab to choose zip from sdcard, then install, once done, back button to the main screen and reboot the vega with new honeycomb theme installed.

Hope this helps....


P.S. Please don't think that i am trying to say that simonta's guide is crap/rubbish/useless, it's not, but for alot of people here who don't have much idea about flashing roms to devices, vega tools makes the process alot easier without having to getting into ADB push commands from PC to vega. Once you've grabbed the basics of installing custom roms, you may find yourself reading alot more on this site about other topics and learn a whole lot more, i know i did and have only had my vega about 5-6 weeks, i'm looking at flashing android phones for the kids around where i live for there pocket money LOL (just kidding on pocket money).

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