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Battery Charge Problem...

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I am new to the forum ... First, I congratulate you because even if the samsung omnia is a phone that still has 3 years, this is the only site where users are still active ...

having said that I expose my problem ...

I installed the rom XIIB3 original method of the register and many other cooked roms and officers, but for now I decided to keep the B3 ...

With all the roms I had these problems:

1) i first attack on the charger and then plug the cell and does not load ... But if I do the opposite (first attack on the cell and then into the outlet, it works)

2) phone is turned off, insert the charger to the phone first and then taken to the and .. I turn on the phone and I do not recognize the state of charge, has disappeared, in other words the state of charge phone is turned off.

3) on a full charge, the led-off the power button did not turn green, but completely shut off, could not then let me know if the charge is complete or not ...

It's just me having this problem? I looked everywhere for a solution, Roma. phones of all kinds, but nothing ...

Thanking you in advance for all your response, I hope this can solve my problem ...


Please help me... i'm going crazy...

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