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Please vote for my WP7 app Alcoholic

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My name is Miha from Slovenia and my Windows phone application Alcoholic is taking part in a local competition.

If you at least a little like my application I would kindly ask you to VOTE HERE with a facebook like.

If you want to download and try application with your windows phone 7 device please search here with your device.


Alcoholic is made for all Windows Phone 7 users who want to check their blood alcohol level (BAL). BAL is calculated from defined type and amount of absorbed alcoholic drinks.

List of alcoholic drinks is adapted to Slovenian market. Amount of alcohol is therefore saved for most of the drinks in Slovenia. Alcoholic drinks are distributed intofour categories: beers, strong drinks, vines and trend drinks.

Alcohol content calculation is also based on your features like gender and weight. Every consumed drink must be carefully entered to application. Results are especially useful for drivers who can check if they are capable of driving.

Under development

Sharing your BAL with your friends, checking your friends' BAL, location based services (where am I), tracking the prices of alcoholic drinks and taking a test basedon your physical and mental skills.

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