{7/17/2011} 2.3.4 {GSM}[ROM] BOCA Initial Release √100% TW free

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My new home base!

Magrathea & TAD direct connect app available

Tons of screen shots, my google circle, votes and more!



BOCA is a unique 2.3.4 GB based SGT gsm rom,

built from source, by me, torn apart and injected with steroids.

BOCA strives to be a nitrous style Hot-Rod Engine rom, with abilities

to be uniquely user modified using the NEW Tweakr system.

I built everything from source in this rom,

and it is designed to look unique right out of the box.

(Feel free to change the theme. Menu/more/vtl settings/themes)

It is heavily themed, and every one was placed

by hand one at a time.

****all aosp and cm bugs apply to BOCA, which I have whittled down to back camera video record. Use qik for Samsung. (Only works for BOCA! Not "the other")

*if you like my work, please consider donating to help keep BOCA's one person team going

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v2 (BOCA HERETIC) is rolling out to contributors today (if i missed u, let me know know!)

Now lets see if they come back with any huge issues, then ill get it out to the rest in a few days

change log to follow upon general release


began re-building v2 today.

It will be the first advertised 2.3.5 base for the Sgt!!

it will also merge with Linux kernel up to!!

since miui icons won by such a long shot, I will make a v2 that looks as close as I can, to MIUI.

With my own unique twist, of course! Its only around 3000 individual mods! Takes time.

(Its not miui yet, so only so much I can do. smile.gif )

& if you haven't yet received a link to new downloads, AND you are a BOCA contributor, pm me


VOTE on v2 icons now!! MIUI IS THE WINNER!!


Go there now to VOTE!!

But choose wisely, you can only vote once!

Also, ill be settling in there, as a homebase. XDA will be my second home, or home away from home.

My goal is to have a home just for Boca. Whether it be for the tab only, or multiple devices in the future.

Its not so much now, but it will be a great place in the future! I have alot of unique ideas.

And from a homebase, ill be able to implement user thank yous, and have more creative control.

Plus. You'll get better support!


(DO NOT ask v2 release date, it is ready when its ready-I'm only one person)

-initial tests for unreleased upgrades in v2 reports-

*indicate a 30-40% ui speed and 40-50% responce increase, over v1.5

*mirrors stock GB mount points

*average MFLOPS 20.267 (averaged from 15 tests using linpack pro)

*quadrant professional returns consecutive low 3100/3200's

√more goodness is being tested


BOCA is important to me, and with reviews, tips and help from you great XDA users, BOCA can only get better!

1.5 has different fonts than the initial high voltage release. Did u try after update? Those fonts wete abit over the top for some.

Vtl is mostly Adw theme compatable. Try menu/more/vtl settings/themes. Not all work, but most do.

Also there is a cleaner version up now, also. So 2 versions. 1 with purple and green boca theme, one gb stock colors

also, all boca will have different stock app icons than what you are usrd to. THEESE are boca stock.

I am sorry everything isnt perfect yet. Im doing it all as a one man team. It is a HUGE task.

Im building this rom from code. Then compiling it.

I dont just switch out apps from anouther rom. I would need their source code, (and permission) to intigrate it into my code so it would be in the build.

Most if not all issues, at this point, arrise from the current kernel. The ONLY source avaiible for initial kernel was not a good one.

But i hope to move from that source ASAP

If there are any crack cm kernel builders out there, i could use the help!


*Added two flashable font zips to op

*added alternative market apk to op for very few who have market issues

*confirmed that USB mount to computer works perfectly



*Added a Secret Agent "clean" version with all the purple and blue mods taken out


*uploaded new High Voltage version with some fixes for sd card mounts, and smoother ui


*implemented animated status bar pulldown/up background window

*implemented stock BOCA default app icons

*initial test release of chameleon status bar

*100% TW free! & all Samsung and carrier bloatware removed!

*Ext4 with ext4 tune ups for increased read/write speeds

*Deoxed and zip aligned

*Rooted & busybox installed

*Angry GPS

*Power notification widget support

*LCD set @ 190

*WIFI scan set to 100 for better battery life

*Dalvic cache set at 64m for optimal performance

*Exteneded power menu to include Recovery/Download/Reboot - also turned off confirmation screen

*UA select enabled

*Screen off animation enabled

*Custom boot animation enabled with cool boot animation

*Themed purple & green with with massive other theme mods

*CM themes chooser & Cm parts

*updated tablet like market

*Silent startup & shutdown sounds

*Updated modded Gtalk and appropriate lib mods to allow voice, 3g and front video camera support

*Fully operational DSP manager

*Special 3 dock launcher with scrollable docks and ADW theme support

*10 point touch

*Fully integrated & modded HC style Tablet Tweaks

*Optimized frame BUFFER rate to maximize LCD display color and quality

*OC/UV 600mhz, 1.2 & 1.4ghz added - Set at 1000mhz stock

*FUGUtweaks active

*Optimal RAM modifications

*Voodoo 9 intergrated into kernel

*Initial release of cwr based BOCA RECOVERY

*mounts are: Phone storage: 1 & mount/sdcard/external_sd

*BASH (command shell) and module support

*TWEAKR ADDED!!!!!! - This is NEW & super secret! Gives you complete control over BOCA rom modifications! From kernel tweaks to soon to be darn near anything!

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Technical Explanations

*frame BUFFER rate*

frame buffer rate has no dependency on refresh rate,

frame buffer or frames per second. Frame buffer is

used to buffer frames which are pre rendered waiting

to be displayed. This buffer is used between the cpu

and gpu. And creates a better graphic and LCD display quality and

smother video/game play images.


This tweak adds massive responsiveness to your tab.

This mod will not affect your battery in anyway.

*tablet tweaks*

The single most amazing tablet mod ever.

You can now move your status bar to the bottom,

add all of your soft button to the on screen status bar,

honeycomb style! Go to setting/cyanogen/tablet tweaks.

Place icons in status bar, choose which ones

and never need your hard buttons again!


Highly recommended only for dev's, but anyone can use.

tweaKr is a menu driven shell script that gives

the user an easy means of adjusting common

tuning options of the Android/Linux system.

tweaKr makes most if not all market CPU apps obsolete.

no longer waste your tabs space or drain your wallet,

or abuse your tabs RAM with alternative app preloading,

and running in the background.

Make live changes to BOCA at any time.

Enjoy this first time ever expierence! tweaKr is free and preloaded!

tweaKr READ ME, instructions and changelog located HERE

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BOCA contributors: http://forum.xda-developers.com/show...&postcount=405

natious-getting me into themes along time ago-and for being forever patient.

thepitbull-cleaning up the logo and allways willing to lend a hand. Also being one of the most friendliest non territorial devs I've ever met.

github–without source code from here, nothing would be possible!

Spacemoose1- for those late night talks and the great advice. And for compiling the kernel, when my comp broke, and i couldnt.


gojimi-for making his source code available

mendozinas-giving me theme ideas

Juwe11- ram optimizations.

Dexter_nlb-giving me the idea about frame BUFFER rate optimizations

tecknomancer and team- the inspiration

waydownsouth-creator of tweakr and generously allowing us to experience it, for the first time ever, in BOCA

madmurdock-for inventing tablet tweaks

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