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O2X FR19 HTC IME Dictionary Save Issue/Bug...

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Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone else is having the same issue as me; I started on FR17 and have used FR18 and now FR19. Throughout, I depended on the T9 keyboard of the HTC mod IME in potrait mode. Unfortunately, since day #1, the custom dictionary has always failed to save, sometimes even between reboots (say, using a different application).

I have tried baking a custom ROMs (FR17, FR18 and FR19) with the optional HTC IME, but with and without the SQLlite "speed" patch. I have also tried it without the optional HTC IME, but the "original" mod here fails to run properly as well (tried all four variants; attempting to access the dictionary in the IME settings would result in an FC).

Any ideas/experiences/confirmation of bug/confirmation of user stupidity? :)


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