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Question for ZTE or someone in th know.

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Looking for information regarding the audio port, ie the pin out for the 4 pole trrs plug is it

Standard and i think old iphone from Tip- audio-audio-data(mic)-grnd or

new iphone and HTC Tip- audio-audio-grnd-data(mic)

currently have my htc set up with my autocom and will want to do the same with my MC.

Just back in from doing what i should have done in the first place TEST IT and it looks like the MC audio port is wired like the iphone / htc Tip- audio-audio-grnd-data(mic) unlike the blade which i think is wired the other way not got a standard lead to test it yet. Will leave this post in case there is other bikers out there looking to hook up the Orange monte carlo / skate to their autocom.

cheers for any info.

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