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U8180 (and any Huawei phone) - setting the cellular band?

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Anyone have an insight on how to select the currently active cellular band on the U8180/U8160 or for that matter in any Huawei android smartphone ?

I'm using a U8180-1 (900/2100) and have flashed U8180-7 (850/2100) firmware on it to see if it will support 850 Mhz now.

Usually different bands mean different hardware versions but in this case I've checked and both U8180-1 and -7 are the same hardware version.

I'm thinking it can support 850 with only a software modification. Perhaps a different baseband ?

Anyway in order to test my hypothesis I would like to set my phone to 850 Mhz only and check whether is sees the network.

In order to that I do the following:

1. Enter the information screen by using the dialer and dialing *#*#4636#*#*

2. Click on "phone information"

3. Turn off the radio (see screenshot)

4. Click on "Select radio band" (see screenshot)

5. Now you can select bands for different world areas.

6. All of them give me an "unsucessful" result (see screenshot)

Anyone have a different experience or idea ?

pls share -





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im new in this ... i have the same problem i which resolve this situation with the band...... I install the different ROM (CM 7) and The SIM card (red frequency is 900 mhz ) don't get the signal is like the firmware change to 850 mhz....

if you find something ......


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