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hi guys i bought a new acer liquid metal and would like to unleash my phones full potential but im a total newbie and havnt got a clue where to start ive read up quite a bit on this site but still dont have a clue what programs to use or anything so without biting my head off could someone please answer my questions ive softmodded ps2's xbox's flashed xbox 360's modded broadband routers the lot so i just need pointed in the right direction

what software would i need to flash my phone to a custom rom ?

what files would i need and what would you say is the best current rom

are there any chances of me completely bricking it ?

a general step by step method would be great if anyone would be willing to take the time i pick stuff up very easily and when i do i will do my bit for the acer community !

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From what I understand I think you need to begin with this:


Then install a custom recovery:


And then flash the ROM of your choice e.g. this one which seems to be rated quite highly:


There's always a chance that you could brick the phone but it's unlikely so long as you follow the instructions and just be careful.

I don't actually own the Metal (yet) so if any of the instructions above could be wrong, so could someone please correct me if that is the case.

Thank you

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hi, everything's right for a metal owner :D

just follow the steps and you'll be fine with you new acquired phone.

About custom roms, you also have gingerounay 2.1.1, made by vache, kinda 'state of the art' rom : smooth, quick, and ready to use.

Welcome in Acer community :P

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