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USB slave mode with OSX 10.4 not recognized

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Hi All

I purchased my Xoom yesterday. I exchanged it from a Advent Vega.

I had a full 16Gb sd-card which I want to use with the Xoom. It does recognize it. But my problem starts when I want to update the sd-card. My Xoom won't mount on my Powerbook using OSX 10.4.

Is there anyway to enable USB slave mode. The Xoom comes with one usb cable.

I know there is an app Tranfer Files, but it requires OSX 10.5, which my Powerbook wont be able to sustain. Only a 1.3 Ghz.

If not, I will have to depart with the Xoom.

I was wondering if the Slave/Host app created by Corvus for the Vega could work. Someone mentioned that it does work with other products like phones. I tried but not working. Maybe the Xoom should be rooted.



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