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[PORTING] SmartLucky_Dronix_0.5_V3 for U8160 Vodafone Smart

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icon_topic_newest.gif [PORTING] SmartLucky Dronix 0.5_V2 x Smart Vodafone

SmartLucky Dronix 0.5

WARNING do not take any responsibility for any of your brick * Vodafone Smart, then do so at your own risk, and I recommend to do this only after being certain that you understand what you do and you understand the meaning.

Any incorrect commands may affect the use of your smartphone by requiring you to send him to repair service.

* BRICK (Brick, Brick): literally (translated into Italian) "BRICK". make your phone like a brick, that is something useless except as a paperweight.

snap20110905225511.th.png snap20110905225514.th.png snap20110905225521.th.png snap20110905225530.th.png snap20110905225538.th.png snap20110905225548.th.png snap20110905225552.th.png snap20110905225623.th.png snap20110905225804.th.png snap20110905232726.th.png

This was done by my porting a custom rom for Ideos estebanSannin then created from the substance of his original creation of the Roma and thank him for giving me the opportunity to publish this port. I simply brought in a rather functional and adapted this custom rom for our devices Vodafone Smart.

Obviously being a port and not a native custom rom will be some bugs.

We hope to see more in the rom a custom official Dronix directly from its creator estebanSannin.

From the original custom Ideos I changed some things fixed now adding programs for users of SmartLucky and changing some icons.

However, we pass the full changelog for this port:

A. Changes in the custom rom made ​​by Ideos estebanSannin

Framework completamente rinnovato.

Nuova verione Web manager

Nuova versione di DEM (DroniX Extended Menu) by hamen

Market Unlocked

Nuove icone Batteria

Nuova icona wifi

MAX Underclock 30mhz

MAX Overclock 729mhz

Default kernel con max 600mhz

Aggiornamento applicazioni

Aggiunta di File Expert

Abilitate trasparenze

ADB Rooted

Rooted phone

Deodex application and framework


Fix shell adb in a standard GNU/Linux

Enabled /etc/init.d standard GNU/Linux

SSH Client






mini_httpd (light web Server)

dropbear (SSH SERVER)

bash 4.2 ricompilata da zero con modifiche per funzionare in android in maniera standard

bc shell utility

DroniX Web Manager

ssh-on per abilitare il server ssh

ssh-off per spegnere il server ssh

interprete ruby

Input utility, modificata per poter pushare frasi nelle taxt label dalla console


mountro Monta /system in Read Only

mountrw Mounta /system in Read Write

frkrw utility scritta da me per riavviare il framework

added htpasswd utility for web basic authentication

added new Bootanimation

change the default splashscreen with DroniX Logo

enabled Multitouch

fix icon framework

add quickpic gallery

added noFrill app

added TerminalEmulator

Powermenu ampliato con Reboot e Restart

B. Changes made ​​by me in porting:

Added Fix Facebook

Added Security Patch by XDA

added Qucikboot

Added all backups Huawei

Adding RealCalc

Adding Keyboard Patch TouchPal in Italian

added DSPManager

Added CIFS Manager

Fix Jpeg photos added to improve

Added fix to improve video

Added expanded host

Added expanded APNs and vodafone iphone

added jit

Fix added to improve the speed of Windows

Print added during installation.

Added Script ram ---> Thank Juwe11

Added GPS fix

Added spin Sx Dx

Change icons menu with original Dronix in some of the color (to finish)

Added MIUI mediaplayer

Added Huawei Launcher


C. Structure of Porting

Kernel ---> Smart U8160 (SmartLucky 2.2)

Ramdisk ---> modded by estebaSannin U8180 U8160 + Changes by Lucky76

Framework ---> U8180

Lib ---> U8160

WiFi + Bluetooth ---> U8160

BIN ---> estebanSannin


Straight from the official discussion of the Post EstebaSannin

The ROM DroniX not 'like any other ROM into service for this device.

The aesthetics and the 'care just to be fluid and functional, there are many apps installed dafault than those of Google and a few originals Utility interesting.

The basic idea, and 'bring to light all the more to industry-standard Linux' system possible. In this latest version and 'greatly improved stability' and the fluidity of 'General of the ROM.

In this latest release, and 'done a tremendous job, first and' been changed by using the base port of the ROM where the compliments go to U8180 Morfes being the first developer to have ported. I almost completely rewritten from scratch Web Manager, more 'I also wrote the new utility system as "frkrw" ie an application that allows you to restart only Android framework.

As you have seen other utilities have been added at a low level and I think that many fans of GNU / Linux will be happy. In particular, there is 'SSH client that can' be useful to create the tunnel connection to remote servers, who knows her understands what I mean.


The shell of DroniX and 'completely different from the others in other ROM. It 'the most' close as possible to what 'and that' the standard in all Linux systems. To use it, and 'simple, simply enter:

adb shell

or by enabling ssh from DEM and once inside, enter:


this way you will get your standard shell with all the paths arranged just like a normal Linux system.

DroniX Web Manager: Now in version 0.3.2 is now beginning to get interesting and useful.

In this new version 2 you will find interesting forms:

- Theme Switcher

- Update Manager

Theme Switcher BETA

Allows you to completely change the theme and more 'only you can also customize individual icons. At the time, 'in Beta so USE IT WITH CAUTION, this is because' the form is a rather delicate, that tries to cook the framework of your device on the fly.


To use it, and 'simple, choose the icon or the topic and click "enable", you just have to wait after pressing the restart of the framework. To completely change the theme of our Ideos takes a little while, say it takes the same by installing the first time the ROM, while changing the icons and 'much' faster.

PS Sometimes the framework will restart 2 times and the thing, and 'normal and also the black screen to restart the change theme and' absolutely normal

Update Manager

This module and 'interesting and allows you to control the possible updates that will be hosted on my DroniX serverino home. (EstebanSannin)

This system will be 'used for example to add new icons to the Theme Switcher or for fixing bugs.

To use the Web Manager and 'simple:

- Connect your Ideos wifi to your router;

- Start the application ON DEM and checked under the Web Server

- Write the IP that DEM returns in Firefox and enjoy the web manager

Crucially, and 'that the web manager does not work with Internet Explorer, but works with any browser.

If you want a challenge use the forum for reporting bugs, but if you want to participate in the development, connect to the IRC chat:

Server: AzzurreNet

Channel: # hacklabproject



SmartLucky Dronix 0.5 ----> Here---> Bug FMRadio

MD5 ----> f05573a7f8dbeebe039f92ab9565c55b

SmartLucky Dronix 0.5_V2 ----> Here

MD5 ----> cbab99aac41876604cbe6e067bb31c4c

SmartLucky Dronix 0.5 V3: Here ---> New Kernel ---> Full Rom

MD5: ad12c5a68a61faacc3628d1751a3eae5

Jude Installation

Porting This has the same installation process of my custom rom SmartLucky still put the procedure below.

1. Clockwork Recovery or higher Installation ----> fundamental requirement.

2. Installation Procedure

Council to have before installing the battery to 100% charge.

A. Copy the file SmartLucky Dronix 0.5.zip into your microSD.

B. Enter the modified Clockwork Recovery or higher (current

C. Do yourself a BackUp going in the menu "Backup and restore" button and choosing the starting of the engine to "BackUp". Ended up back track.

D. Go down the Volume Down button in the menu "Wipe data / factory reset" button and confirm with the starting of the engine. In the new menu down and choose the voice Yes - delete all user data.

E. Now go back to the main menu and go to the menu "Install zip from sdcard".

F. Inside the new menu and confirm the menu choose "choose zip from sdcard".

G. Now you must choose and confirm the file "SmartLucky Dronix 0.5.zip". Start the installation.

H. Wait for the end of the installation. At the end go back and choose the first menu item "reboot system now".

I. Done now will start as in the first sense. The first course will start a little slower


Hardware: confuso2.gif

Software: confuso2.gif


EstebanSannin ----> author of this custom rom for the Ideos (U8150)

• harlem88

• myppc.it

• SannioGLUG


• Hamen

• morfes

• Paolinosix86

• PilsnerUrquell

• Scumpinatos

Link Official Custom rom for discussion Ideos ----> Here

Edited by lucky76

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thanks alot

I like your ROMS!

really good job.

LET'S keep fighting for gingerbread.

I'm trying to port from ideos...... but is difficult.

I'm only Dev for this Device......:(I'm alone.


Edited by lucky76

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I'm trying to port from ideos...... but is difficult.

I'm only Dev for this Device......:(I'm alone.


It's really a disspointing thing that this device is not so popular~

But I'm very glad to see these awesome works you've done.

Actully I was happend to find this wonderful device:

I bought a Ideos X5 half month ago.It was a really excellent device and lots of people making ROMs for it.

But unfortunately I found it's signal receiving is really bad that I always lost my signal in my room. So I returned it back.

Then I found a really "geek" device named "xiao mi"(It was producted by the website which created MIUI),But it will come out at this october.I can wait because I have no phone to ues.

So I decided to buy a cellphone,and I found U8150(Ideos)and this U8160(V858).But this device has a more beautiful appearance and cute size.

And I still proud of my wise choice~ Cause it looks really beautiful.


At last,I'd like to ask that how to replace boot amination,I find no zip files in the folder /system/media/,I moved my "bootamination.zip" file to this folder and it not work。

And how to replace the first screen on boot???

Thank you to ready my reply.

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