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Problem with making calls on OMC

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Strange one this...

When using the dialler to make a call, either by manually entering the number, or dialling a recently called contact, occasionally, the screen will momentarily flash the usual screen with loudspeaker/number pad etc then go blank after initiating the call, and no button will bring the screen up again.

Have tried every button on the phone, and the only way to end a call if calling, say the Orange automated service is by disconnecting the battery,

Either i'm being a total n00b, or there's something wrong.

Am considering sticking Blue Ginger rom on it if it's a problem with the Orange software bloatware tagged on to 2.3.4

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read the forum the solution is go to dialer and type *983*0# and go to sensers and touch calibrate ,dont cover the phone senser. it will cure this prob.okay

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