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Rositza Rajkova


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Hello OCK,

First of all I want to tanks for amazing roms!!!

I'm using OCK's WM6.5 UltraLite rom + SPB Mobile Shell v3.0 ,and everything works perfect!!!

But there are two little problems...:(

First ...I'm locking the phone with endcall hardware button-the phone is locked.When is comming a call - I can't answer with hardware button-just with sliding software button on the screen...This is so uncomfortable...I want to answer with hardware answer button....can I fix that?

Second ...When I'm listening music-radio or player with headphones, and is comming a call - I can't answer with headset button or hardware answer button...only with sliding software button...againe....So I have to find my pfone in the bag, and answer....that's so uncomfortable too..

If the phone isn't locked, the hardware buttons and the headset button works OK.

Please OCK, help me to fix these problems...If somebody knows how to fix these problems...

Please help me!!!:unsure:

Thanks ,and excuse me if my English is not so good :rolleyes:

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