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MTK6573 HD7

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So I'm a current Cyangenmod 7.1 ZTE Blade user and love it. But I feel like playing and my phone runs sweet. So, I've been looking at the cheap end of Ebay. After some research, I found this phone...


Now spec wise, it all looks ok except the cpu could do with being a touch faster, and it needs a bit more Ram. However, for that price, I'm thinking of having a play with it. But can't for the life of me find anything about rooting and flashing it. Does anyone have experience with this phone? Can or has it been rooted and flashed? And if not, is their a generic version of Android out there that might work with it?

I will of course be using my Blade as my primary, so if it takes a while to sort software out it won't be the end of the world.

Of course, any help anyone could give me about anything from above would be massively appreciated!


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