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linux installer app.

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I also found this app a couple of days ago and got it working with debian squeeze on my light, using AndroidVNC to get the GUI.

I mostly followed this guide http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=1129803 as well as the tutorial from the app itself.

good luck !

edit: forgot to add that my tablet is running kallt_kaffe's CM7 Rom, not sure if it works on stock.

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Did you follow the guide I linked without any errors? Can be a lot of things I guess and I don't know how far you got.

One thing I probably should have mentioned is that instead of typing linuxboot , as in that guide I had to type linuxchroot .

So where it says linuxboot type linuxchroot or if you entered any other name in the linux installer app use that command.

Verify Install Works

Apps > Terminal Emulator > Type: su > Enter > Grant Permissions > Type: linuxboot > Enter

You should get a string of code then get something like:

[email protected]:/

Do you get "[email protected]:/" if you type that?

Another thing I have noticed is that my temp connections I have set up doesn't always get deleted automatically, so I have to either delete them manually or change the port in androidVNC everytime I want to connect.

In Terminal emulator after running the script it says "New 'X' desktop is Galoula-ARMEL:Number". In androidVNC change port to whatever number that is, so for ex if number is 3 then port will be 5903 instead of 5901.

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