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Errors MIUI Rom 1.9.9 and Link2SD

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Hi everybody,

I have testing Link2SD with rom WB v05 with Doomkernel v05 unlocked bootloader and it work fine. :)

But with MIUI 1.9.9 it doesn't work because when I start Link2D and choose ext2 error appear. :(

"mount script cannot be created" :wacko:

Anybody have solution to fix it ?

Or pehaps with MIUI ROM it does'nt work.

Thanks in advance.

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i have tried too

if u create a fat32 ass second partitionu woldnt have the error

the problem is that when u run link2sd

the program mount the scond partition

and u wont be hable to work with your first partition

everithing works fine you can create the links for the aps

but you cant see the data from the first partiton

i have tryed everithing and dosnt work

if u try to solve with the tuto from XDA


u will have more problems because after resize ur sd the x10 willnot recognize the sd and u will need to format

sorry for my bad english

if u find a solution plz tellm i want this apk too

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