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Help needed to unlock phone and unlock bootloader

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Ok so I'm starting this topic to help myself and others who will read this thread to unlock my phone and unlock my bootloader.

My phone is currently locked but I do want to unlock it so I can change the network on my phone as I want to change my provider for a cheaper and better one. Also I have seen people posting about data connection fixes with the MIUI rom having their bootloader unlocked.

Is this actually true? can people who have done this confirm this? and has anyone made their phone sim free? if so then could you please tell me how in detail as I'm still a little unsure of the correct method but I would like to do this with my phone.

Gareth :-)

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Follow this guide:


If you have never simunlocked your phone, you need to run the SEMC batch file, NOT THE SETOOL2 batch file. This is for simunlocked phones using SETOOL2. IF you run this you will brick your phone!!

You wont know if it worked until you've tried to flash Doomlords kernel v05 for unlocked bootloaders. I did this last night and it worked for me.

AS far as the data drop issue being corrected, i am not sure. I have not tested yet.

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